Q: What happens if I run out of my FUN currency?

A: Your FUN currency will be, always, automatically refilled; once, that, your FUN currency will be running low.

Q: How can I contact support if needed?

A: You can contact support by clicking on "Support" in footer, at the bottom of the website. Or via email address support@wowger.com Ours support is available 24/7/365.


Q: Are there any min/max deposit/withdrawal limits?

A: The deposit limits are as follows:
Minimum deposit: 1.00 USD
Maximum deposit: Unlimited

The withdrawal limits are as follows:
Minimum withdrawal: 1.00 USD
Maximum withdrawal: Unlimited

Q: When will my funds be available after deposit/withdrawal?

A: Instantly. Note, that cryptocurrency goes through confirmation on its network, at first, before it will be available to you.


Q: My wager for bonus, that I received, is higher than actual bonus wager; how come?

A: Bonus wager is, always, adjusted for actual currency/cryptocurrency value, on its issuance; to compensate for currency/cryptocurrency change between its value when bonus started to be counted, or to be eligible to be received, and time that it was issued to you.


Q: I activated a bonus, and Lossback's amount is lower or 0.

A: Note that Lossback's amount changes, once that Lossback or other bonus is activated, as, active bonuses are counted towards Lossback's amount in both ways; either as profit or loss.
For example:
Balance before bonus activation: 0.00 USD
Lossback before bonus activation: 1.00 USD

Amount of activated bonus: 10.00 USD (Profit)
Balance after bonus activation: 10.00 USD
Lossback after bonus activation: -9.00 USD (1.00 USD Lossback amount - 10.00 USD bonus amount)

Activated bonus, fully wagered, with no winnings: 0.00 USD (Loss)
Final balance: 0.00 USD
Final Lossback: 1.00 USD (-9.00 USD Lossback amount + 10.00 USD bonus amount loss)

Note that Lossback's amount will show as 0; if its value is negative.


Q: I received the Safenet bonus, but, after wagering, the next Safenet's amount is showing as 0.

A: Note that new deposit has to be made, to be eligible, for next Safenet; after it has been issued.